German Migration Museum

Hahndorf was settled in early 1839 by immigrants from Prussia who came seeking religious freedom and a better life. Their countryside was impoverished and wars frequent. They were granted land in the Adelaide Hills and were soon growing enough produce not only for their own families but to supplement the needs of Adelaide.

The German migration museum tells stories of the lives of Hahndorf’s pioneering families, and showcases objects relating to religion and education. Their religion underpinned their activities and education was a prime focus

Hans Heysen Drawings

Renowned landscape artist Sir Hans Heysen (1877-1968) donated a selection of drawings to the Hahndorf Academy which are now on permanent display. These exquisite sketches and preparatory drawings were completed over a period of fourteen years from 1906 to 1920. They reflect the artist’s love of Hahndorf where he and his wife settled in 1908, as well as his strong support of the Academy.

The images are a reminder of days gone by; a lively German town filled with the sounds of horse drawn vehicles and children playing… the aroma of German sausage and freshly baked bread and the charm of the thatched cottages lining the main street. Step back and enjoy a change of pace…