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Ambleside Babies Birthday Party

Come and join us for afternoon tea to celebrate the babies born at the Ambleside hospital now known as the Hahndorf Academy.

On Saturday May 11th 2-4pm

Meet others whose ancestors were born here and share your story with us, this is a great chance to get together and chat about shared histories.

so far we have 540 names of babies born in Ambleside.

if you were born here we would love to see you or please contact us.


Do you know of any babies born here between 1919-1935? 

Deborah Twinings exhibition will also be on show in May which is History Month and her work celebrates Nurse Bertha Schmidtke’s achievements and the 100 year anniversary of the Ambleside Hospital (Now Hahndorf Academy) and all the babies born here.

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