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Winter Lantern Festival Workshops

Hahndorf Winter Lantern Festival 2018

Lantern Workshops

 July School Holidays at 2018 Hahndorf Academy

The 2018 Hahndorf Winter Lantern festival will involve working with the local community and schools in order to create artful lantern sculptures that will be paraded down the main straight of Hahndorf and displayed in the Hahndorf Academy grounds.

The Hahndorf Academy grounds will be transformed into a colourful and dynamic space, decorated with a large array of lanterns and dotted with local vendor food stalls as well as craft and activities including shadow puppetry, fire puppetry and mural workshops.

Just before Sundown a candlelit lantern parade, accompanied by the town band, will make its way down the main street of Hahndorf and make an entrance back at the festival. Following this live bands will play leading up to a Fire Mural display at 8pm.

Mon 9th July 10am – 12pm
Friday 13th July 10am – 12pm
Wednesday 18th July 10am – 12pm
Friday 20th July 10am – 12pm

Suitable for ages 7+ (younger if accompanied by parents)
$10 per child

Learn how to make candle lit paper and cane lanterns for the Hahndorf Winter Lantern Festival.
Make pyramid, curved or free shaped lanterns in this workshop and take part in the evening parade carrying your own candle lit lantern!

Contact: Rebecca Prince 0433 098 596

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The Hahndorf Winter Lantern Festival IMPORTANT DATES:

Fri 24 Aug 7pm
Hahndorf Institute, Opening Night Concert

Saturday 25 August from 2pm
 Hahndorf Academy, Day Festival and Evening Parade 

Photos: Darren Clements