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Pastels plus with Roe Gartelmann

“Pastel Plus” Workshop with Roe Gartelmann


At Hahndorf Academy on Feb 3rd 10am till 4pm $60pp bookings with


This will be a Contemporary approach to working with Pastels;

With lots of Colour.



It is suited to any level of experience. A knowledge of traditional pastel methods would be helpful but is not essential.

We will be exploring a variety of new techniques. These may include other media (see list), and the aim is to push beyond your comfort zone.


Come along, experiment and have Fun!



What to bring;

 Papers, (Canson, Tex, Mountboard offcuts, or Canson card),

          3 pieces, (1/4 to ½ sheet size).

Soft pastels

Hard pastels

Oil pastels

(A small selection of these, but include some warm and some cool colours).

(Don’t bring too many!)

Charcoal - compressed and willow

Black ink

Board, clips, masking tape, water container

Spray bottle with metho

Brush (large – mop or hake)

A few w/c’s, or acrylics, or gouache (3 or 4 colours only)

Rag or tissue, or paper towel, an eraser

Portable easel (optional).