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Pleased You See Me

Pleased You See Me

Exhibition dates September 4-29 2019

Pleased You See Me is a group exhibition.

What goes on inside the mind of another person is always a mystery, but our voices, hands and hearts bring that mystery to life in ways that give our lives meaning and connection to others. When memories fade and word begin to fail, life is no less meaningful and many people find new, creative and often joyful ways to express the thoughts and feelings that make them the unique individual they are.

This exhibition celebrates the strength, resilience and creativity of people living with dementia in our community. It celebrates abilities and draws on some of the skills and life experiences that have contributed to the depth of character and personalities behind the individuals who have contributed to this exhibition. Their creative endeavours have enabled them to remain active and engaged as well as provide opportunities to experience joy and pride in their achievements.

We are very proud to share this selection of works as part of dementia awareness month 2019.

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