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SALA: Hans Kreiner - Isthmus

Hans Kreiner: ‘Isthmus’

 SALA August 1 - September 16 2018


GUEST OPENING SPEAKER Greg Ackland, Principal Lecturer - Adelaide College of the Arts

‘Isthmus’ is a new body of mixed media sculptural installation artwork for SALA 2018.

Kreiner's visual art practice is diverse and interesting and includes a variety of hand crafted materials. His art practice is labour intensive often using intricate detailed cut outs that are finely crafted, he uses a variety of materials, lino, metals, plastics and paper, often working with recycled materials. This adds an interesting element to his cut out works of negative and positive spaces – the left over and off cuts.

Originally trained as a carpenter he followed onto to art school studying printmaking, drawing and sculpture and has since exhibited his work in various galleries and spaces. There is such precision to his work and his training led to highly developed skills which he uses in his art-making today.

Kreiner is interested in his audience, not just the contemporary art viewer but also the general audience and their engagement with his artworks.

Hans Kreiner '28 Variety's'

Hans Kreiner '28 Variety's'