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Mike Barr: 'Rain and Shine'

Mike Barr:  'Rain and Shine'

Exhibition dates January 19 - Feb 11 2018

Mike is combining his two painting passions into one unique exhibition. 

For Mike, both subjects represent the excitement and difference to every-day life that rain in the city and life at the beach represent.

 Mike's painting style doesn't concern itself with photographic details, because he believes the camera can do that better. Rather, he records the feelings and atmosphere of the day, sometimes with a limited palette that captures the vision without the distraction of too much colour.

Come and enjoy the bracing sea air at the beach or the exhilaration of sweeping rain on the city streets in this exhibition of large and smalls works - Mike's first solo exhibition in Australian for nearly four years.


 A Blaze of Light - Waymouth Street  60x60cm oil on canvas


 Toward Henley from Grange Jetty  65x55cm oil on linen

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