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Diane Dawson - Angatji (my Fathers country)

Exhibition Dates June 23 - July 30

Exhibition Opening Saturday June 24 2pm

Opening Speaker Mandy Brown

"First I didn’t know how to paint, but I’ve watched my mother how she paints. When she used to paint here, I came here like every now and then and painted some. But I just didn’t have the patience because I always thought it was boring. Ever since my parents have passed away, I had a long time to get over the sadness that was in me. Now I’ve found a way to make myself happy by painting and having the time to just sit, think and paint. I’ve had the confidence but I didn’t know that I had it. I’m really enjoying what I’m doing right now, because it has helped me a lot. Also, I’ve got all my family and friends around me and the Minyma Kutjara Arts Centre is where I’ll always be.