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Altitude by The CBS Disability Arts Group

Exhibition opening Wednesday May 3 at 1pm

Opening Speaker Jan-Claire Wisdom, Adelaide Hills Councillor

Opening Speaker Marie Barbaliopoulos, artist


Community Bridging Services (CBS) provides support to people with a disability in employment, education, recreation and art.

Three time winners of SALA Festival Rip it Up and Adelaide Review Special Artist Award, CBS Art Group’s new exhibition “Altitude” will showcase their paintings in our main gallery.

The paintings in the exhibition will range from narrative pictorial images, through to symbolic representations and broad abstractions. Vibrant colour, surprising forms and distinctive personal styles will be featured in the work of the many talented artists, living with disability, who attend CBS art groups.

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"Puppies"  Marlene Postacrylic paint, paint pens on canvas2016

"The Bridge"  James Rogersacrylic, paint pens on canvas2017