Silvia Stansfield: Narratives in Clay

Exhibition Opening Saturday April 29 at 2pm   Opening Speaker Nici Cumpston, Curator of Aboriginal and Torrens Strait Islander Art, Art Gallery of South Australia

Silvia Stansfield showcases her work from her early years to the present day, this exhibition is a celebration of her career as a ceramicist where you can experience her stories and incredible talent.

“Clay became a canvas and my hands and mind came together to express my ideas. It is a full life to explore clay and all of its possibilities. I make many objects with different purposes. From the bowl thrown on the wheel, to the enjoyment of exploring hand building to develop larger forms, all incorporating personal experiences of landscapes, villages, streets and people”. Silvia Stansfield

Through the evocative ceramics of Silvia Ines Stansfield, we are taken on an intimate journey through an extraordinary life. Embedded within her lifelong work are memoirs of her travels, encounters with inspirational people, her love of nature and most importantly, the optimism and joy she has for life.

Silvia was born in the south of Chile and came to Australia in 1969and throughout her career Silvia has continually developed her work, exhibiting extensively in solo and group exhibitions in Australia and internationally. She has generously shared her skills and knowledge with other artists, schools and community workshops, including teaching ceramics for twelve years at Tauondi Aboriginal Community College in Port Adelaide. Nici Cumpston