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Outward Bound by Julie Corfe

Exhibition Opening Sunday March 26 at 2 pm

Opening Speaker Lynn Collins

On Sunday 2nd April, at 2pm, Julie will give an illustrated talk on her unlikely journey from pastoral illustrator to portrait painter with a message.

This exhibition of paintings and mosaics will take you on a wonderful journey with artist Julie Corfe who brings vibrancy and dynamic colour to the canvas. Both a landscape and a portrait artist, critics have argued whether Julie is expressionist or post-expressionist, and her work has been compared with both Hockney and Matisse.  Overwhelmingly her social conscience bursts through, irrepressible expressions of life which cannot be ignored.

Edward Gibbon might well have been thinking of this prize winning artist when he wrote, “Sculpture, and above all, painting, propose themselves the imitation not only of the forms of nature, but of the character and passions of the human soul.  In those sublime arts, the dexterity of the hand is of little avail, unless it is animated by fancy and guided by the most correct taste and observation."

Lynn Collins was a painting lecturer at the SA School of Art during the 1970s, and was Julie’s painting lecturer there in 1978.  He was an art critic for the “Advertiser” during the 1980s. More recently he has been curator of historical buildings in Sydney.