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Natural Elements by Tim Thomson, David Kerr & Deborah Cantrill

Fringe 2017 Exhibitions

Exhibition Opening Sunday 19 February at 2pm
Opening Speaker Sculptor Silvio Apponyi

3 artists bring the environment to the Fringe with sculptures & installations in 3 galleries & outdoor spaces

Tim Thomson Bronze Sculptures

I am fascinated by minutiae, things under my feet.    
Moss growing on the weeplines of the water tank. Lichen, diverse forms and colours, on the bark of trees.
Fungus on rotting logs.
The skeletal grey beauty of weathered wood shards, indicators of bushfires past.
A cicada casing attached to a leaf. A well rounded rock. 
Form and texture.
My workshop companion’s despair as yet more detritus is laid on the table for further inspection. Add to this the background interior hum that colours my day. Family, friends, work, joy, grief,  impending doom, compulsion, song, the evening meal, laughter.
Stir then let rest.
Some work arrives quickly, some takes an age.
I am pleased that it continues to arrive.

Tim Fringe.jpg

David Kerr Installation

Stick Structures musing.                                           

Sticks are a ubiquitous element in our environment. We all pick up sticks, they are a raw material to be used for all manner of purpose… sometimes as a tool, sometimes for defence, sometimes for building structures, sometimes to create some order in our environment, sometimes to contemplate their unique shape, sometimes to be processed as aids to our creative nature. This exhibit is a musing on sticks.
See David work on site as he explores our building from the inside to the outside.

Shady pool levee 3 (002).jpg

Deborah Cantrill

Function evolving from the archetypal garden forms.

The woven forms create a new status and function to garden materials that are largely discarded. The materials have a rhythm and a season which isreflected in the four elements earth (roots) water (leaves) air (flowers) and fire (fruit and seeds) then add the human element (Quinta essentisa). The ordering principle to collect the materials and to create woven magic either practical or whimsical from the beauty that is nature.

See Deborah weave sculptural forms in the upstairs gallery.

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